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Success stories of our clients

We value our patients’ experience at Inland Empire Spine and Disc. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Robert Krage


“I pinched a nerve in my lower back while moving cement pots on my patio. Having had previous back pain, I went to a local chiropractor for several treatments with no pain relief.
One day i was reading the local newspaper and came across the ad for the Inland Empire Spine Center. I contacted Dr. Krage and took advantage of the promised two free treatments after which my wife and I met with him to discuss my options. After reviewing my X-rays, I decided to participate in this program. I attended the clinic three times each week for 35 treatments augmented by deep-tissue massage.
Each week I could feel a difference as my pain lessened. At the conclusion of the program, I was pain free.
I highly recommend the Inland Empire Spine Center and their program versus surgery. I now have my life back and am again enjoying my retirement.”

David D.

“I was in constant pain. It was a burning, throbbing pain at a 10 level and nothing seemed to help except to take my medication and lay down. Standing and sitting also caused pain. My life was miserable.

Now I feel great. Since starting Dr. Krage’s program, my pain has gone down from a 10 to a 1 and sometimes a 0 when not doing anything. I have to watch what I do and not go overboard but I’m doing fantastic. I haven’t felt this good since hurting my back in 1999. I’m able to do more things-before I was always laying on my bed because I hurt too badly to do anything and now, I’m always on the go thanks to Dr. Krage and his program.

You have to just try it and see if it helps you. He gives you 2 free treatments and he tells you if you could be helped. You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel if you follow Dr. Krage’s instructions and come to your appointments and drink plenty of water.

I would recommend Dr. Krage’s program because it works. Ir really works and I’m living proof that it works. My pain doctor is amazed how much I improved. He kept saying ‘I can’t believe it.'”

Barbara H.

My pain had been 10 every day before seeing Dr. Krage. From my lower back to my toes the pain kept me in bed at all times in tears. I was in such pain when I started with Dr. Krage, after the first two or three visits I was feeling better and looked forward to being ‘on the table.’ Even after all the stretching though, I’m still short! I no longer have the pain that ran all the way down my leg and side. I would tell others to go for it! I had never been to a chiropractor in my life, but since seeing Dr. Krage, I will not hesitate to return if my problem comes back. Dr. Krage and his entire staff were all just so friendly and helpful. Everyone knew what they were doing and made me feel very comfortable.”

Edna M.

“I was unable to walk due to pain in my fee and ankle. I felt cramps, sharp needle-like pain. My ankle was also swollen and injured. Now I am able to walk and have started exercising again. I am active and alive and great! We have four vacations planned for this year since I am now able to walk, I can enjoy life again. I feel stronger and have more energy. You wont regret trying this program. It will change your life for the better. It is not cheap but the results are worth every penny. It’s better than surgery or giving up and staying off your feet forever. this has been a life saver for me. I am almost 60 years old but i felt 80. Now i feel like I’m 40! The people in Dr. Krages office are all nice and knowledgeable. You will feel welcome in his office.”

Argentina M.

Prior to contacting Dr. Krage, I had extreme pain in both my feet. Symptoms included pain near my toes and some numbness. Occasionally, my knees would swell, causing more pain and difficulty with movement. I went to my General Practitioner thinking I had gout based on the symptoms I was experiencing. I tested negative and knew it was something else.
Now I am feeling great; like I should. In my profession, I am always on the go and on my feet. The program has offered a relief of pain, no knee swelling, and correcting my arch has increased my longevity each day while on my feet.
I’m staying active and continuing to keep in shape since my fee no longer cause discomfort and pain. Before treatment, I dreaded an y walking, running and other physical activity that demanded lower body movement. My health has improved simply by continuing to stay very active in both professional and private arenas.
To anyone who is skeptical, I would offer my experience and suggest those in pain try the program that is offered by Dr. Krage and his staff. One must keep in mind the totality of their health and should consider modifying “bad” habits that might be detrimental to good overall health. Treatment is only as good as the condition of the body.
Dr. Krage’s program has given me the freedom of no pain in my daily life. As I stated before, I am constantly on my feet and need no interruption to keep me down. Dr. Krage was able to diagnose my problem, visually explain the condition and presented a program that would eliminate my issue. Even with my hectic schedule and sporadic treatment, I have noticed a huge difference. The recommendation is obvious; good doctor, great staff, and a genuine care for patients.”

Sean S.

“Before coming to Inland Empire Spine and Disc, I had a pain level of over 10. I could not walk up the stairs in my home. I was having to crawl up our stairs on all fours. Walking upright was impossible. I was taking pills two or more times daily. It felt like I had a knife stuck in my lower back all the time. I had to use a walker for everything.

After a few treatments I started walking more and more. I started walking upright and I had less and less pain with each treatment. Today I can walk straight up. The knife feeling is gone. I am doing more and more each day. I am working in my garden, attending my roses, and doing some light house cleaning.

My health is so much better. I am eating better and drinking more water. My walker stays parked in my car except for long shopping trips. I feel great with little to no pain. My husband and I have started dancing again one night a week, which I thought would never happen. Life is so much better and happier now.

You have to go for it! It has helped me so very much, I couldn’t believe it. I have made such great progress. If you don’t do the treatments you will never know how much better you’ll feel. I have seen a lot of people walking in stooped over and walking out upright.

Dr. Krage’s staff are so caring and professional. The staff works with you one on one, you’re not just a number. They listen to what you say and correct the problem. The staff from the front office to the techs are all great! Most of all, the treatments work.”

Rose W.

I experienced a life threatening crash at 19 years of age and by my 60’s could not bear weight on my left leg due to pain and chronic sciatica, without strong narcotics. Dr. Krage’s treatment has kept me out of a wheelchair and has allowed me to get off the drugs. I strongly encourage anyone with spinal pain to try Dr. Krage’s decompression and laser treatment. It has made a dramatic improvement in my life.”

Gary S.

“My husband and I were very skeptical that anything could help our injuries from more than 25 years ago. In 10 short weeks our lives have been transformed from progressive disability to active enjoyment in our retirement years. Dr. Krage has a genuine desire to see each person get better. His approach includes not only decompression and laser, but also muscle work, vitamins, orthotics, and exercises. We now have hope and are motivated to continue these healthy lifestyle changes. Instead of looking at electric wheelchairs, my husband and I are now able to do the things we have wanted to do but didn’t think possible, thanks to Dr. Krage.”

Joan S.